Black Economic Collective

BIPOC-Led Organization


The Black Economic Collective is a Black-led grassroots organization focused on community development, within the Black Community through financial education, resource allocation, and collective community-building efforts. 

Bottom Line for Portland

We curate financial tools and resources to aid Black Oregonians toward a path of financial stability and generational wealth. Utilizing a village model we partner with like-minded financial institutions, community-based organizations, and business partners to provide workshops for community members. This pipeline of resources and wrap-around support increases the likelihood of success, economic mobility, and wealth creation for Black Oregonians. 


"I used to think money was this mysterious thing, but after this workshop, it's like I've been handed the secret manual. Now, I'm not just chasing the bag; I'm building it, and I'm bringing my people along for the ride!"- Participant at a financial literacy workshop

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are a Black-led and Black-serving organization. Our all-black board, rooted in diverse lived experiences, ensures that our leadership reflects our community's diversity. We provide culturally specific programs in partnership with other organizations, addressing the unique financial needs of our community, and actively engage community members and youth in our initiatives, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can access the support they need for a brighter financial future.


Please be on the lookout for incentives in December.


It takes a village to make a difference. We invite friends and family of our community partners to support our work: 


“I’m Hooked” invites us to their annual camping/ fishing excursion each year, throughout the summer. We recruit and transport youth to engage in I’m Hooked activities and opportunities. 


BEC attends, engages, and promotes the “Success in Me Academy” hosted by the Parents First/ Wooden Fish Pre-School .BEC helps educate community members on wealth management, funding opportunities, and nonprofit organizing. 


Moorish Roots Farm works with BEC to provide youth work opportunities during the harvest season and support community members with free, fresh produce over the Summer and early fall.


BEC partners with the Black Community of Portland to connect youth to incentive-based activities to promote fun, safety, and togetherness.


Rivermark Credit Union has worked with BEC over the last 3 months to provide financial coaching for community members striving to advance their financial well-being and learn the steps to acquiring generational wealth. 


Financial Beginnings co-facilitates financial literacy workshop, alongside BEC, to educate community members on resources for budgeting, filing taxes, preparing for retirement, building credit, investing in the stock market, and shopping for life insurance. 

$4,930 raised of $50,000 goal
80 donations
10% of Goal


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Year Founded: 2023

Tax ID: 301334785


Black Economic Collective is in the Human Services category which is sponsored by The Standard.

They're a little-sized organization with activities in Clackamas Co., Multnomah Co. and Washington Co.

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