35 & Under Challenge

Calling all young change-makers!

You don't need to be a millionaire to make a significant impact in the world. With just a $10 donation or more, you can become a vital part of supporting causes that resonate with your heart. Here's the deal:

The nonprofit in each category with the highest number of unique donors aged 35 and under will receive an additional $1,000! That's a grand total of $10,000 up for grabs.

At the heart of WW's Give!Guide lies a powerful mission: to inspire a new generation of givers and cultivate a community of engaged and compassionate citizens. We believe that the energy, passion, and fresh perspectives of those under 35 can be the driving force behind positive change in our world.


If you have kids or young adults in your family or social circle, seize this fantastic opportunity to introduce them to the magic of charitable giving. Engage in meaningful conversations with them about their values and what causes ignite their passions.

Use Give!Guide as a valuable resource to explore a wide range of causes and nonprofits. Encourage them to take the reins and witness firsthand the incredible impact they can have on the world. It's not just a donation; it's a lesson in empathy, empowerment, and responsible citizenship that can shape their outlook on life. Join us in creating a brighter and more connected future for all.

--> Hot tip: Many of our Big Give Days have extra prizes just for donors 35 & Under. Don't miss your chance to win big!


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